Fitness has become an important part of my life since i was 15 and somewhere its like a drug to me from which i can’t get rid of. -A.G

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leg and arm workouts

Some people divide upper- and lower-body training into distinct weeks. You can rest one set of muscles while exercising another, and you won’t miss a single gym session. Focus on complex exercises that train numerous muscle groups at once if you don’t work out regularly or want to feel the burn everywhere every time you […]

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21 day fix ab workout

It’s not only about looking toned when you work on your abs. A strong core can enhance posture, stability, and balance while also reducing sports-related injuries and low back pain. In this 21 day fix ab workout routine you will get the training calendar along with ab workouts you need to perform on abs day. […]

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How To Get Rid Of Double Chin?

We’re frequently advised to stay cheerful, however, this can be troublesome when another is holding it down. A Double chin isn’t an indication of chronic frailty, yet it can hurt your confidence and public activity. Luckily, there are a few different ways to decrease your double chin, if you are thinking about how to get […]

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Life Lessons

Each day teaches you something , its on you whether to learn it and make a change in your life or to ignore it and carry on to the same life routine you were on .  -A.G

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Music 🎶 

In the free time , i used to put on headphones and listen to music . As it gaves me an unexpressable feeling of joy , calms my mind and helps getting rid of stress . It acts as a meditation of mind and body. As i believe that listen to music and enjoying it […]

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Mind your Actions

Don’t force your friends and someone else to do whatever you wanted them to do, as everyone has their own choices,priorities,boundries according to which they have their right to do whatever they wanted to. -A.G

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Be with those who irritates you,tease you jst to make a smile on your face not with those who ignores you most of the time or who don’t even care of your happiness at all. -A.G

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